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Welcome New Contributors

The Loveland 365 project is made up of a growing number of people who love Loveland and want to participate in this project that will showcase the people, places, and things that make us America's Sweetheart city.

The Loveland 365 website is not only the project showcase providing tools for us to communicate with each other but also to thank our contributors for their hard work by giving them some online recognition. The "Contributors Page" shines a spotlight on these contributors, providing an organized and searchable list of everyone who has contributed to the project.

If you are here on this page because you received an invitation to join this site, Welcome! Get started by clicking the link provided in that e-mail to establish your account on Loveland365.com

Visibility on the contributors page is voluntary and requires that you opt-in

So if you don't find yourself listed there go to your My Account page (you will need to be logged on) where you can see your account status.

  • From there you can click on the Edit Your Account Information link to update your profile
  • Enter the requested information and a profile image
  • Decide what information you want to be visible to the public on the "Contributors" page.

If you don't have an invitation and wish to contribute, please contact us.


When you receive your invitation to join just follow these steps.

  1. Click the link in your invitation e-mail to setup your account
  2. Login with the username and password you just entered
  3. Complete your profile setup to be listed on the Contributors page

Account Setup

When you click the link in your invitation e-mail you should be on the "Account Setup Page".  You must enter a username that you will use to log into the system and a password that you will remember.  We also require that you enter your first and last name. 

The e-mail field is pre-set to the e-mail address used in your invitation.  You can change this but be sure that it is correctly entered.  A correct e-mail address is the only way you can get access if you forgot your password and will be used to communicate with you.

We encourage you to enter your other information such as your website, phone number, and address.  If you choose to display any of these on the Contributors page, the site will use what you have entered here.

When you have finished entering your information, click Submit and you should be ready to log into the system. 

Note: If you changed your e-mail address, we will send a registraton confirmation message to the new address.  Check your e-mail account at the new address and click on the link there to confirm.


Login is easy.  Look for the login box in the upper right corner of any page on the website or use the login form on the Login page.  When you click in the login box it will pop open a small form where you can enter your login name and password. 

For your convenience there is a "Remember Me" check box.  When this is checked, you will remain logged into your account on the website.  This is remembered even if you close the browser or reboot your computer.  Be sure to only use this if the computer is yours and you trust everyone that may use it.

If by chance you forget your password, you can use the "Forget your password?" link in the login form.  The server will generate a new password and send that to the e-mail address we have registered.  You can use the generated password to log into your account and then update your password with something you can remember.  Note: we only store an encryped form of your password and have no way to de-crypt that.  Site administrators cannot look up your password for you.

You now should update your profile to get listed on the contributors page.

Update your profile

User login screen clipWhen you have successfully logged onto the site, you will see a small Welcome message on the right side of the page as you see in the screen clip here.  Below the welcome message are a "My Account" page link and a "Logout" link.  The "My Account" link and some additional ones are also available as a dropdown menu from the "Contributors" main link.

Click on the "My Account" link.  Near the top of your account page you can see your profile information including your profile image.  Notice that some of your information may be in red and other parts in black.  Those items listed in black are listed publicly on the "Contributors" page but any item in red is only available to other logged in contributors.

Click on the "Edit Your Account Information" link to change your profile information.  This is important to do immediately after registering as there are additional items you need to set.

The top four field sets (Login, Address, Name, and Phone Info) are the same as on your registration page.  Change anything here if needed.

Next is the "Profile Image" field set.  Use this to upload a photo of yourself as a profile image.

Below the profile image is a "Manage Group Membership" field set.  All contributors should be pre-set as members of the "- Contributors" group.  If you don't see this, we made a mistake when sending your invitation.  Just send a message to us via the "Contact Us" page and we'll fix this right away.

You have the option to be more specific in how you are contributing to the project.  If you are doing photography for example, select the "Photography" group on the right and click the "<- Add" button.  You may select as many of these as you wish.  The net result is that on the contributors page, one can browse through and list for example all the Photographers who have contributed.

Lastly, if you want some or all of your information listed on the "Contributors" page, you must check the "List my name in the online directory" box in the "Directory Publish Status" field set.  Once this is checked the remaining boxes will be enabled and you can selectively enable only those things in your profile you wish to be public.

Note: Many people are reluctant to make their e-mail address public on a website where it is easily harvested by SPAMMERS.  The website has a feature that allows you to receive e-mail from someone visiting the site but they won't be able to see your e-mail address itself.  If you want the ability to receive e-mail from site vistitors that view your information on the Contributors page but don't want your e-mail address visible, be sure to check the "Mask my e-mail address" checkbox and UNCHECK the "Include e-mail information" checkbox.

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