Honor Society paints Valentine hearts

Newly painted hearts!

Thompson Valley High School Honor Society and Thompson Valley Rotary Club share a name ... and some volunteering to help Loveland get ready for Valentine's Day!
The Thompson Valley High School Honor Society volunteered this afternoon to assist the Thompson Valley Rotary Club by painting the hearts which will hang all around Loveland for Valentines Day this coming year.
Thanks to Breanna Dahlin, Courtney Bell, Amanda Richins, Tanner Taylor, Kenzi Phillips, Karsen Bushjost, and TV Teacher Adrienne Marcus.

2 Responses to “Honor Society paints Valentine hearts”

  1. Roger Yost says:

    Are these the hearts that have names on them? If so where do you submit names, and what is the cost?

  2. Heart Lover says:

    Not sure if this is correct for this year, but I found a Report-Herald article from last 2010 that has this contact info for heart ordering:

    "To order a personalized wooden heart, call The Group Real Estate Inc. at 663-0700 or 613-0700 or visit one of its Loveland offices at 1401 W. 29th St. or 5401 Stone Creek Circle. Cost for a personalized heart is $45."

    Hope this helps!

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