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Namaqua Star shines for the 4th!

July 5th, 2010 by Maryjo Morgan
The Namaqua Star, Loveland, Colorado

The Namaqua Star celebrates Independence Day!

Max Moree, a 13-year old Loveland Boy Scout, delivered on his promise to have the Namaqua Star relit in time for the 4th of July last evening.  He will light it again for the fireworks (which were delayed due to weather) TONIGHT, July 5th!

This was the first time - after all these years as a Christmas and winter holiday decoration - that the Namaqua Star shone to celebrate Independence Day!

Max Moree throws the switch and lights the Namaqua Star

Max Moree throws the switch and lights up the Namaqua Star in the hills west of Loveland for the 4th of July

Moree took it upon himself to test/replace the strings of white bulbs that form a star in the Namaqua hills west of Loveland, Colorado.  His pains-taking work shone brightly through last night's torrential downpour.

Way to go, Max!

Photos by John Giroux